What We Bake....

Everything is baked from scratch

You can purchase my baking at Gasoline Alley Farmer Market, 58 Laura Ave, Red Deer County

Every Friday I post on Instagram a list of what I will be selling for the weekend.   

 Special orders are available. Order 1 week in advance.  Pick up is at Gasoline Alley Farmers Market, or delivery can be arranged.



Sold at the Market by the slice - Full Cakes by special order.

  • Carrot Cake Garnished with Ginger Pecans and Caramel Sauce    $4.50/slice  Half Slab $42 serves 10 - 12   Full slab $ 72.   10”  2 layer round $85.00 
  • Olive Oil Cake with Grand Marnier, slivered toasted sugar almonds & orange drizzle  -   $6/ slice  Full cake $45
  • Olive Oil Cake with Amaretto, slivered toasted sugared almonds & lemon drizzle -   $6/slice   Full Cake   $45
  • Strawberry Cream Cake - White Sponge Cake layered with whipped cream and lemon sugar infused strawberries   $8/slice   Half slab serves 8 - 10.  75.00
  • Boston Cream Pie -White Cake with a layer of Pastry Cream, finished with candied almonds and Chocolate Ganache -    $8 /slice  Full Cake $75
  • Nutella Mocha Swiss Roll - Chocolate sponge with Nutella  Swiss buttercream w/ an espresso simple syrup   $4.50/slice  Full log $42
  • Banana Bread Layered with Peanut Butter Mousse -   $4.50/slice  Full Loaf $42
  • Apple or Cherry Crumble Cake   6/slice  Full cake $45

Layered Cakes:  (Special Order Only)

3 Layers - 90.00  serves 10 - 12        2 Layers - 60.00 serves 8 - 10 

  • Chocolate cake layered with peanut butter mousse, finished with Chocolate Ganache and Peanut Butter Cups
  •  Chocolate Cake with Nutella Swiss Buttercream,  and Fererro Rocher  with a espresso simple syrup. 
  •  Vanilla Cake with  White Chocolate and Raspberry Buttercream  
  •  Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd Filling finished with White Chocolate Shavings


Sold at Market by slice $8/slice   Full cakes by special Order  $60

  • Mango topped with mango gelee, whipped cream, white chocolate curls
  • Oreo toped with Callebaut Milk Chocolate Ganache,  whipped cream
  • Snickers topped with salted caramel , snickers chucks
  • Basque Cheese Cake, Flourless topped with fresh raspberries
  • Pumpkin with ginger cookie crust finished with whipped cream, white chocolate cur


Sold at Market 4/each   22.00/6pack  Special Orders for 12 or more 

  • Lemon with torched marshmallow meringue
  • Lemon with fresh blueberries or raspberries
  • Blueberry compote topped with Toffee Crumble
  • Pecan or Butter Tarts  3.50/each  12 for $40  - Special order only
  • Large Lemon Tart   30.00  - serves 8  - Special Order Only


Packages of 5 Assorted Flavors are sold at the Market  $12.50

Special orders are a minimum of 2 dozen - $60.00

Blueberry  Birthday Sprinkles Blue Raspberry
 Candy Cane Candied Melon Coconut
 Cotton Candy Creamsicle Lemonade
 Lemon Lavender Marshmallow Pistachio
 Raspberry Salted Caramel Spearmint
 Strawberry Strawberry/Lemonade Tiger

Chocolate and Marshmallows

  • Mallomars - Chocolate covered homemade marshmallow with raspberry jelly and sugar cookie bottom  4.50/each
  • S'mores  - Marshmallow and milk chocolate ganache sandwiched between two homemade graham crackers 4.50/each
  • Chocolate filled with salted caramel    18.00/package of 6


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